So way back in August, we were invited to do a little something at TEDxNizamuddin at the India International Centre in New Delhi and our first reaction on hearing this was to sh*t our pants! It’s one thing to put off within the confines of our apartment or even in the maddening of crowd of Daryaganj. But on a stage? In front of people? Under the limelight?

So Agni and I scratched our heads and wondered what on earth could we do within a five minute time constraint that effectively communicated what Blackbox is all about while simultaneously avoiding the very massive possibility of us making a fool of ourselves. Discussions began in June and went all the up to August (yes, the same August around which TEDxNizamuddin was being hosted) and finally a plan was hatched!

One hundred eggs arrived at the venue that pleasant August morning and found their way under the seats of the one hundred guests at TEDxNizamuddin. Our game was simple. Our game was about taking a leap of faith. But wait! Hold on! There’s a video on its way. Sorry, boys and girls, can’t say any more. See for yourself when the official TED video’s out. Stay put, here’s a picture!



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