It was no ordinary Sunday. As the clock struck 8, an unearthly hour, some might say, nine teenagers awoke and made their way to the Daryaganj Book Market. And with the awakening of these nine teenagers, a lazy Blackbox yawned its way back into business. It was time to Put Off!

The game was simple – to find distressed damsels (and some men too) at the book market and ask them if they were looking for some specific books and then scatter all over the market in search of these tomes. Easy enough? So you might think.

The Blackbox team had been working hard and long before this auspicious Sunday, setting the stage for the event. Invites were printed and distributed in bookstores all over the city, special bookmarks were made and shirts were (almost) printed.


It was a slow start. Random people offering to find books for you isn’t a regular affair. But eventually, we found crowds that shared our enthusiasm and a list of wanted books was made. Armed with this list and the gift of human perseverance, we spread out all over the book market. We realized soon enough that asking the book sellers if they had a particular book was of no use and resorted to manually sweeping through the many thousands of books at the market. At first, this proved ineffective. The task was nearing a frustrating end. But then, our phones beeped in unison – “ASP.NET FOUND”. We’d found a book! We quickly called the man who had requested for the book. Watching the relief on his face filled us with renewed energy and by the end of the day, fourteen distressed visitors left the book market with books they’d long desired, a snazzy Blackbox bookmark and satisfaction all over their faces. Mission accomplished!

And a round of ‘thank you’s are in order. Agnimitra Bachi, Andem Sai Shrivatsav, Aneesh Nandi, Bharat Agarwal, Krittika Mittal, Pounomi Kar, Prateek Shankar, Prithvi Aravind and Protyasha Pandey, thank you all for showing up and helping us help those random bookworms! And a special shout out to the Delhi Book Club for all their support!


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