2013: A Misplaced Odyssey

Firecrackers in the air, Yo Yo Honey Singh blaring from every corner and over-worked Breath Analyzers in the tired hands of sleep deprived policemen. The New Year is here.

So what was 2013? A lil f**k you to the Mayans? The year Kejriwal inched closer to becoming the first IITian to lose his virginity? Or the time when Nelson Mandela attained Nirvana?

2013 had its ups and downs, its lefts and rights but all in all, it was a memorable year. It even earned the distinction of being the year Blackbox was founded (okay, we resolve to be a lil less cheeky in 2014). But for everyone, 2013 had its fair share of cracks and faults and we decided to dedicate this New Year to showing a proud, long finger to every one of them: the Done With This Movement!

The Done With This Movement was about releasing some tension, giving a voice to all your frustrations against the world and entering 2014 with a lighter heart. We asked the citizens of the world to send us pictures of them showing the finger to 2013’s greatest disappointments and the response has been pretty crazy!

The results are here! We just love how these people kicked the year right in the nuts! That’s the spirit we love and the spirit we endorse! Brace up, 2014, cos here are your best contenders!

We’ve been promising Blackbox merchandise to the best entries but as is with most things Blackbox, there’s always a last minute surprise! We couldn’t decide which entries we liked best so we’ve decided to make everyone a winner. All our enthusiastic participants will shortly receive crazyy Blackbox merchandise! Winners, please do send us your complete mailing address! Cheers!

And thus, we bid adieu to 2013. Happy New Years, folks!


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