The Art of Putting Off


When was the last time you did something just to make yourself happy? When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary? When was the last time you really felt alive?

When was the last time you… Put Off?

To better explain the concept of Putting Off, we’d like to share some excerpts from the Put Off Manifesto better known as the Anti-Rule Book.

#1 Put Offs can be big, small or medium sized.
Size does not matter. A Put Off can be feeding a sparrow or riding a sperm whale.

#2 One can Put Off with or without friends, family, puppies and other social beings.
There is only one person crucial to the act of Putting Off – you. But of course, the more the merrier.

#3 Where there is a will, there’s a Put Off.
You don’t necessarily need money, time or people to Put Off, all you need is the will.

#4 One cannot put off Put Offs.
Put Offers don’t procrastinate.

#5 A half-hearted Put Off is not a Put Off at all.
Give a  Put Off everything you got, because that’s what makes it worth it.

#6 No animals, trees, human beings or imaginary friends shall be hurt during the act of Putting Off.
We strictly disapprove of any kind of violence. Put Offs are pain-free.

#7 When it comes to Putting Off, time is not a constraint.
If planting a seed and watching it grow over twenty years gives you joy, then even that is a Put Off!

#8 Anybody can Put Off.
To Put Off is a Universal Right

So remember, to do or TO DO,  that is the question.



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