The urge to paint is one thing but after filling four frames, we wanted a million more. And what better way to capture a frame than a movie?

As with all beginnings, we were lost. We remember hearing somewhere that all good movies begin with a great script – long, intricate and incredibly detailed. But then we figured, for once, why not make a movie that bases itself on the lack of a script. So we put off.

However, we were still lost. Even though we had decided to base our movie on the lack of a beginning, we still needed one. Then we realized that if we were to make a film that celebrates itself in its chaos, why not base it in the very same pandemonium.

We went around with a sheet of paper and had four of our dear friends (guinea pigs, really) give us eight random lines in succession. This is what they produced:

So I walked out of the bathroom.
Thus we can perceive it as linear, cyclic and helical.
Superman’s red underpants.
The blue whale’s howl.
I was unable to float.
How much time did you spend down there anyway?
Then the sky darkened and it rained for days.
Her curly brown hair.


This little piece of paper gave some order to our chaos and eight random lines resulted in a flood of imagery. After a lot of debate and intense discussion, the idea began to take shape. We stitched together a movie that we hoped would absorb and reflect, a movie designed such that the script is ultimately in the viewer’s hands.

After watching the movie, I’m sure you were left a little baffled. You don’t want to admit to yourself that you didn’t understand the story. But the truth is, there is no story, there’s just an idea. We presented the film to some of our friends and here are some of the more interesting interpretations:

Aarti Dhingra: “The man is a writer and the woman is a figment of his imagination. She’s a character he dreamed up and killed in his story. Unable to bear the pain of destroying his creation, the writer kills himself.”

Aneesh Nandi: “So basically, at the beginning of the movie the rubik’s cube is on the ground and the man drops it near the end of the movie. So I think that both characters are actually the same person, with a ‘multiple personality disorder’. When she jumps off, he’s actually just slitting his wrists.”

Bharat Agarwal: “The movie depicted a pained relationship, where both ended up hurting themselves. In my opinion, neither character died but instead suffered intensely.”

Bhavya Hurria: “I think the woman commits suicide and the man takes her to the hospital where she dies. And then he can’t bear the pain of losing the woman he loved, the man kills himself.”

Varsha Gandikota: “The movie left me feeling sad. And kind of scared. It’s interesting. In the sense that it’s like when excerpts are printed on the back of a book, and you’re yearning to know more? I kinda felt like that here. But, there’s also a certain thrill attached to the fact that this is all I’ll ever know.”

Other interesting takes on the film were: “Whaaaatt?!”, “I didn’t get it.”, “Dafuq?!”, “Samajh nahi aaya, yaar” (lolzz)

So go ahead, watch the movie if you haven’t already and tell us what you make of it. ‘Cause this one is for you.


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