Sneezing Sunshine

Step 1: Empty the biggest room.
Step 2: Prepare kill room.
Step 3: BOOM!
Now we have a brightly lit studio with two replaceable 6 feet by 7.5 feet canvases ready to be ravaged by our invited artists (guinea pigs really).

We’re an inquisitive bunch, here at Blackbox. So we put off an experiment (cunningly disguised as a “party”) last night. The experiment was a neat effort to study the effects of intoxication on the creative outlets of the human mind.


As all sober men do, the first man on the canvas used what is referred to as “tools” – cans of spray paint, random crayons and the makeshift stencils. The first canvas would experience the flow from aim to procedure to conclusion. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this would be the only canvas to receive this deliberation.


This is the stage when doodles became noodles and sprays became frays. And how, you might ask? They met our friend JasBeer.


So, mangalgi budachtclava. And then, hunktre reunlgty puildny. and then BUIM!
Yeah, we got as much as you did. That’s stage 3.


Throughout the event, we had those moments when our eyes widened with actual wonderment. Here are the highlights.


A huge shoutout to Agnimitra Bachi, Aneesh Nandi, Ayush Kamalia, Bharat Agarwal, Bhavya Hurria, Damini Rathi, Fahim Abdul Rehman, Lakshmi Chaitanya Reddy, Maddu Shravan Murali, Prateek Shankar, Prithvi Aravind, Prithvi Hegde, Protyasha Pandey, Shravan Kumar and Shweta Sundar for going mental over all our canvases!



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